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What we cost:

The car buyer pays Mid Sixties Muscle 12.5% of the asking price of the car you decide to buy. (There is a $5,000 minimum for all car location contracts; paid upfront).

Once you have decided upon the exact car of your dreams, I will find as many options for you to choose from so you can find the exact, ideal, car of your dreams. Once you select the actual car you want to buy (the commission is then calculated as 12.5% of the asking price) I will then work diligently to negotiate the lowest possible sale price for the car; since my commission is already set by the asking price. I'm extremely motivated to get you the best possible price so that you're a happy, referencable, customer.

Consider the following: A customer I worked with recently wanted a 1969 COPO Chevelle 427. I was able to find two choices, both in very nice condition. The one the customer wanted had a 'for sale' price of $175,000; thus a commission of $21,875.

Upon detailed inspection of the car and its build sheet I noticed two things that did not "add up": the car was an option coded "9562ce" and had bucket seats; which seemed normal for such a car. However, the "CE" meant that it was originally ordered with a bench seat; (don't ask me why?). I also noticed that the stamped number on the transmission did not match the car. I was able to negotiate with the seller - who was not aware that these changes had been made to the car, he was its third owner - and was able to secure a purchase price of $147,500; saving my customer $27,500., which more than covered the commission fee.

What's nice about this approach is that Mid Sixties Muscle will work as hard as possible on the client's behalf to get the lowest sale price possible as there is no competing interest between commission paid and selling price you pay for the car.

Contact us 978-333-6100

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