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Call us: 978-333-6100
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What we do:

The first important step of getting the car(s) of your dreams is knowing exactly what car you want. I work together with you, talk about - at a high level - the car(s) you like. Then I go through all of the various options there are for your car. This is a huge area of Mid Sixties Muscle expertise. After considering all of the details available, we figure out, together, the exact Year/Make/Model of your dream car.

Then I work diligently, scouring many dozens of resources around the country, (and world if need be), to find as many cars that fit your ideal description and gives you the most choices of selecting your dream car.

Finally, once we've found the best car available for you, Mid Sixties Muscle will work with the seller to negotiate the best possible price and bring your car home to you. If needed, I can also help you make any updates or repairs to your new car.

Contact us 978-333-6100

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